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solo piano: heranças (live)

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(Composition: Carlos Bica)

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06 | Mar | 2015

Carsten Daerr

»Carsten  Daerr’s  playing is first of all powerful, dynamic, fast, almost wild and then again flowing smoothly, meditative, even mysterious. On the concert stage Daerr always presents a performance full of tension and surprise – and as an unaccompanied soloist he also demonstrates his enormous skill of integrating different styles and sound- worlds.«
Harald Rehmann | Deutschlandfunk

For some years now Carsten Johannes Daerr has returned to an approach to music he has been familiar with since his early childhood, to simplicity and vitality, to music coming from the heart. Previously he had explored for himself abstraction and complexity, finding a new approach to complicated forms and ways of playing. Now he makes more and more space for singularity and playful improvisation.  He feels that the audience’s longing for a more emotional musical approach is growing steadily. This became evident in his first solo concert, when he cautiously invited the audience and introduced them to his sound images and inner landscapes piece by piece. Carsten Daerr encompasses a wide range reaching from infinitely delicate to deeply moved – up to the orchestral  momentum  of » Heranças «. He mostly plays his own compositions and also respectfully interprets music he loves. This new authenticity can be seen in his compositions as well as in his new projects – e.g. the Trio with Carlos Bica on the bass and Hanno Stick on the drums.