cover GondelliedInTheSahara

Michael Schiefel, Carsten Daerr,
Miklós Lukács + Mátyás Szandai
Gondellied in the Sahara

BMC CD 173
EAN/UPC 5 998309 301735



  • 1. Manila 6:30
  • 2. Tea In The Sahara 5:08
  • 3. Talk To Me 3:24 
  • 4. Präludium No. 3 4:34
  • 5. Standard Without Words 4:20
  • 6. Baby Levi 6:47
  • 7. Out Of Nowhere 0:59
  • 8. Gordon Matthew 4:22
  • 9. Dunes On Piazza San Marco 1:50
  • 10. Gondellied 4:54
  • 11. Boys Don't Cry 3:36
  • 12. Kinderstück 4:20


Music 1, 6, 8: Carsten Daerr
Music 2: Gordon Matthew
Music 4: J. S. Bach
Music 11: Michael Dempsey, Robert Smith, Lol Tolhurst
Felix Mendelssohn Arrangements 5, 10, 12: Michael Schiefel + Carsten Daerr
Improvisationen 3, 7, 9: Michael Schiefel, Carsten Daerr, Miklós Lukács + Mátyás Szandai

Recorded at Star-Track Studio, Budapest by Péter Glaser 
Mixed and mastered by Péter Erdélyi at Artfield Studio, Piliscsaba


Michael Schiefel voice, electronics
Carsten Daerr piano, organ
Miklós Lukács cimbalon
Mátyás Szandai double bass


»Three compositions by Felix Mendelssohn – the ›discoverer‹ of Johann Sebastian Bach – are the main idea of the album (in addition ›prelude 3‹). Here the exquisite art of the quartet is demonstrated like in a magnifying glass. While Schiefel sees himself as a vocal cords instrumentalist without text, but also without scat-routine, and Daerr measures the area of contact between romantic contemplation and gospel-spirit, Mátyás Szandai anchors the interpretations in the folk music of his Hungarian home country (›Standard Without Words‹) as well as in the tradition of jazz. Like a second grand piano, - stripped of keys and mechanism, however – Miklós Lukács fits his cimbalom smoothly into the quartet's sound. And yet the sound of his instrument remains a distinctive symbol of a variety of connections: there is always the sound of ›Hungary‹ in the whizz of his strings, from gypsy or rom music to Liszt, Bartok, Kodály and Peter Eötvös«
Tobias Richtsteig